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PPPeel is an aluminum die cut lid with a Jagdamba Foils proprietary coating for sealing on PP-cups....Know morearrow


PE-Peel is an aluminum die cut lid with a Jagdamba Foils proprietary laminates PE film for sealing on ....

Know morearrow

PP Hotfill

PP Hotfill is a conduction film for retortable products.... Know morearrow

Plastic Lid

The PET/BOPP die cut lid market standard. Available as embossed or unembossed version as white or metallized....Know morearrow

Glass Seal Lidding

Jagdamba Foils solution for aluminum die cut lids or reelfed lidding sealing on glass and clay. Available ....Know morearrow


Paperlid is a 3-layer aluminum free die cut lid composed of a heatseal lacquered PET/Paper/PE laminate. Available....Know morearrow

Reel Form Lidding Film

Customized is a heat seal lacquered laminate that offers a customer....Know morearrow

Promotion Coding

Jagdamba Foils has a wide array of solutions for promotional coding...Know morearrow

PET Reel Lid
/Pre Cut Lidding

The proven lcquered aluminum/PET reel fed lidding. Available in a wide range of aluminum thicknesses and heatseal....Know morearrow

Butter Wraps Specialities

Jagdamba Foils offers a wide range of individual butter and margarine wrapper specifications such as: extrusion....Know morearrow

Dressings & Liquids

Film laminates are highly appreciated for the packaging of sauces and dressings; convenient and eco-friendly, our ....Know morearrow

Snacks - Film lamintes

Film lamintes that guarantee the product shelf life due to outstanding barrier properties and hermetic seal quality...Know morearrow
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